Whether you drive a bus, light truck, van,
4WD, or Ute, we can fix it

Services and Repairs

Individual Service

Servicing is just as important, if not more, as repairing something broken. Most people believe that their car will tell them when something is wrong and that preventative maintenance is too costly. However, preventative maintenance and servicing is just that. It prevents your vehicle from avoidable break downs and damages, whilst solving any minor unseen issues with your vehicle. We charge a fair price for the amount of work put into your car. Our decades of knowledge and staying up to date with the newest motor vehicle technology ensures that we are able to service both the newest and older models of any vehicle. This, combined, saves you in the long run.

Fleet Service

We service 10 cars a day on average. This makes us more than capable of servicing a fleet of cars in a timely manner. Our fleet service includes routine service and preventative maintenance, repairs and complimentary 12-month roadside assistance.

Brake & Clutch Repairs

Neil, co-founder and owner of NFM, is one of the few brake specialists in Melbourne. As a result, we’re your best bet for any brake and clutch issues, as the experts in brake and clutch repairs.

Specialty Work

Specialty work can include anything from restorations, including restoring 100-year-old brake components into working condition, to custom work.

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