It's always been a family business
and it always will be

Northern Fleet Maintenance was established in April 2013, and was originally the workshop arm of Northern Brake & Clutch (established in 1978 and co-founded by Neil and his business partner at the time). Northern Fleet Maintenance evolved due to demands for fleet servicing, encompassing both fleet maintenance work with the brake and clutch speciality work that Northern Brake & Clutch is known for. As of 2020, we have proudly maintained our family business status, and continue to be run by Neil and his dedicated team.

With over 100 years of experience between our qualified mechanics, we continue to bring reliable, honest and affordable solutions to your automotive servicing and repair needs. We have serviced over 100,000 cars, changed over 21,000 brake pads, performed over 500,000 air pressure checks and have changed the oil in over 70,000 cars in the last 40 years. We may perform like a large corporation, but we are a family business in practice and at heart, and always will be. We’re the last of the good guys and strive for automotive satisfaction. This means we work on your cars as if they’re our own and you get what you pay for, nothing less. We’re the foremost experts in brake and clutch repairs in Melbourne, but that isn’t the extent of our knowledge; we’ll service anything from the average car to small buses or trucks, vans, commercial vehicles, 4WDs and utes.

AUTOMOTIVE SATISFACTION is what we live and work by.
Our mission is simple: to give people a fair price for a fair job, and leave people feeling happy.

What makes us unique?

Well Rounded Knowledge
Fair Pricing
Family Values

“If you have been correctly trained, when you drive the vehicle you can feel it, hear it and understand it. That is why it is so important to road test the car to find out what the problem is… You should know where you are looking before you do.”
– Neil Chesterton

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